"How to Land an Incel" // Lady Pieces

"Gnat Slayer" // Trop Magazine

"I hate being a white guy" // Those People

"The Blue Border" // Anomalous Press (Come As You Are Anthology)

"Bomb Cyclone" // Poets Reading the News

"Black Pete: A Holiday Miracle" // Those People

"An Honest Thanksgiving Prayer" // The Bigger Picture

" - Stay Where You Are, Which Is Here" // Rattle

"Transplanting" // Westwind, UCLA's Journal of the Arts

"The Journals of Old Man Marley, The South Bend Shovel Slayer" // BullshitIST

"Keel Day" // No Extra Words

"Ghosts Don't Answer the Phone" // Unbroken Journal

"A Pop Song by Justin Bieber" // Festival Peak

"Baskets" // Poets Unlimited

"Two Poems" // The Blackstone Review

"7 Deadly Sins Only 90s Kids Will Be Smote by God for Committing" // The Higgs Weldon

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